Who We Are?

Our Mission

Welcome to Argyll Wellbeing Hub. We are a peer to peer support group for men and women based in Oban, Scotland. 

Peer support is getting support from people who are equal to you – your peers.
In a peer group you are able to talk to other people who truly have first hand experience of similar situations.

We are responsible for ourselves – who we are and what we do. When peers do things together they run their group or event together and no one person is in “charge”.

Everyone takes responsibility, talking things through and making decisions together. A peer group works best when everyone participates and takes responsibility for themselves but also works together for the good of the group.

People may also identify with their peers according to shared interests, issues, life experiences or personal attributes.

“Being part of a group of people that have been through what I have makes so much difference – we all support each other and learn from each other” 

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Our vision

  • We aim to: 
    Prevent suicide and raise awareness.
  • Improve lives.
  • Provide a safe, comfortable place to talk. 
  • To increase social connectedness.

At Argyll Wellbeing Hub ; we believe in promoting peer to peer self help for those that are or have suffered with any mental health illness, or other issues which makes them feel down, sad or isolated, we will make sure that this remains true to the underpinning model of empowering each member to take responsibility for themselves with support from the group and the signposting information we have available locally.

Peer support and mental health, whilst anyone with long term mental health condition can benefit from peer support, it is of particular benefit to certain individuals; people with low mood, anxiety, stress or social isolation, people who are ready and want to rebuild their lives, people who need support through shared experience, people who are newly diagnosed and want to find out more.

It is important to understand that not everyone will be ready for this model of peer support and as such, honesty and transparency is key to forming a successful peer support group, where every one feels relaxed and comfortable and safe.

We will work with the community to provide much needed support groups and wellbeing classes to help everyone and anyone.

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